VOICE: Vanderbilt Online Instructor and Course Evaluations

Welcome to VOICE, the Vanderbilt Online Instructor and Course Evaluation system. Student responses are used for course improvement as well as faculty evaluation. Student responses remain anonymous and will be available to instructors (only after grades have been submitted), relevant department chairs, and others as appropriate. Students may re-enter the system as often as they like during the evaluation period, and pick up where they left off.

Spring 2015 Course Evaluation Schedule
Feb23   -   Midterm course evaluations begin
Mar6   -   Midterm course evaluations end
Mar16   -   Final enrollment feed processed
Mar16   -   Confirmation emails sent to instructors
Mar31   -   Deadline for making changes
Apr6   -   Course evaluations begin
Apr20   -   Classes end
Apr21   -   Reading Day; Course evaluations end
Apr22   -   Final exams begin
Apr30   -   Final exams end
May3   -   Deadline for final grade submissions
May5   -   Course evaluation results available to instructors
Summer 2015 Course Evaluation Schedule
Maymester courses
May4   -   Maymester classes begin
May20   -   Course evaluations begin
May28   -   Classes end; Course evaluations end
May29   -   Maymester exams
First-half and Peabody MOD I courses
June2   -   First-half and full-term summer classes begin
June24   -   Course evaluations begin
July2   -   First-half classes end; Course evaluations end
July3   -   First-half class exams
Second-half and Full-term courses
July7   -   Second-half classes begin
July29   -   Course evaluations begin
Aug6   -   Second-half and full-term summer courses end; Course evaluations end
Aug7   -   Second-half and full-term exams
Peabody MOD II courses
July6   -   Classes begin
July23   -   Course evaluations begin
July30   -   Course evaluations end
July31   -   Classes end
Results of all summer course evaluations will be available on August 11th.

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